GWM800S module allows OpenVox wireless VS-GW1202/1600 Analog series gateways to support Analog telephone connection to the VoIP devices. Each module offers four analog telephone channels.

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• 8 ports on 1 module
• T.38 fax relay and T.30 fax transparent, continually fax multiple pages
• Echo cancellation and Static jitter buffer
• Ring cadence and frequency setting
• MWI (Message waiting indicator)
• DHCP/DNS/DDNS/NAT networking
• Diverse SIP protocols
• Diverse extensible applications, such as IVR, DISA
• Update firmware online
• Custom scripts, Dialplans
• VAD and CNG
• Abundant log features
• Open API interface (AMI)
• DTMF relay
• Volume control
• SSH remote operation
• Configuration file backup and upload
• Restore the factory settings
• Independent system for each module
• Available for OEM

Technical Specifications:

• Storage temperature range: -40~125
• Operation temperature range: 0~50
• Operation humidity range: 10%~90%
• Power source: 12V/12A
• Max power: 11W
• Dimension: 22cm × 2cm × 12cm
• Weight: 200g

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