Our Services

LYCHEES I.T. Solutions provides business solutions with cutting-edge Information & Communication Technology solutions and business development strategies for the achievement of clients’ maximum potential in this ever-growing BPO industry.

Information Management Solutions
LYCHEES I.T. Solutions designs and implements ICT solutions that are tailor-made to meet client requirements while maintaining security, efficiency and reliability. By providing a strong and reliable Information Solution, clients are rewarded with cost-efficient and worry-free operations.

  • Email server setup
  • SSL-VPN setup
  • Document archiving
  • Internal File Transfer and Sharing integration
  • Open-source Technology

It is one of the strongholds of LYCHEES I.T. Solutions. Its team of IT professionals has extensive experience and expertise in drawing programs that meet and even exceed client expectations.

  • PHP
  • AJAX
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • ASP
  • VB

Systems Consulting
With our extensive experienced in providing client enterprise solutions that include Asterisk and Vicidial system. We do remote assistant and configuration on the requirement that you needed.

  • Predictive Dialer (VICIDial) setup
  • Special Custom-made Dialer
  • IP-PBX Asterisk server set-up
  • System interface
  • Agent performance report generator

Web Hosting
LYCHEES I.T. hosting services is the best, quality, cost friendly web hosting business in the Philippines. Our hosting services ranges from 1 Gigabyte to unmetered or expandable disk space. We’ve designed differnet hosting package so that everyone can choose on the hosting package that will suit and fit to their needs. Even if you are just a student or you are already a professional we’ve got you covered, companies, enterprises, small business, we have a hosting package for everyone.

Note: All Web Hosting packages does not include Domain Name Registration cost. We also have domain name registration and you are allowed to register a new domain name in the Signup process or add your existing domain name if you have existing domain name registered from other registrar. Common TLD or Top Level Domain name cost price is PHP 700/year (.com, .net, .org).

Web Development / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
LYCHEES I.T. Solutions firmly believes that websites are the most cost-effective marketing tool for ALL businesses. It is in this light that LYCHEES I.T. Solutions offers very affordable web development services to businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.

  • Website design
  • Website maintenance

LYCHEES I.T. Solutions offers a full range of networking services from small to large offices.

  • Server support
  • Voice and Data cabling
  • Secure remote connectivity
  • Wireless networking solutions
  • Network security management (Firewall)

Digital Imaging and Design Solutions
LYCHEES I.T. Solutions has a team of digital imaging artists that provides businesses with their much needed images and designs for their web and print advertisement collaterals.

  • Stock photos
  • Corporate photo shoot services
  • Event/project progress documentation
  • Lay-out services
  • Various design solutions


Email Server
Many businesses want to run their email servers on Linux, but getting started can be complicated. The attractiveness of a free-to-use and robust email service running on Linux can be undermined by the apparent technical challenges involved. Some of the complexity arises from the fact that an email server consists of several components that must be installed and configured separately, then integrated together. We have perfectly setup you a complete working email server for your small/medium business network.

Based entirely on free, Open Source software, you will see how to protect your server from spam and viruses, offer web access for remote access, and secure your installation with regular backups. We install and configure Linux-based email server using PostFix, Courier, Squirrel Mail, ProcMail, ClamAV, and SpamAssassin.

Web Server
Keeping your websites, applications and IT infrastructure up and running is no exception. We can build it for you, your own web hosting server by using either Windows/Linux based depend on your requirements.

An opensource Linux Firewall, a very popular Opensource firewall. This Firewall is almost an opensource Universal threat Management (UTM) device with a Stateful firewall, VPN, Webproxy, Router, SIP proxy for VoIP, Web Security, Content Filtering, Mail gateway and Antivirus, Anti-spyware and Anti-phishing capabilities.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
It is one solution to establishing long-distance and/or secured network connections. VPNs are normally implemented (deployed) by businesses or organizations rather than by individuals, but virtual networks can be reached from inside a home network. Compared to other technologies, VPNs offers several advantages, particularly benefits for wireless local area networking. For an organization looking to provide a secured network infrastructure for its client base, a VPN offers two main advantages over alternative technologies: cost savings, and network scalability. To the clients accessing these networks, VPNs also bring some benefits of ease of use.

VOIP Termination (A-Z) (DID/TFN)

Dialer Hosting (Predictive, Progressive, Manual, Call Recording, & Reports)
Hosted Dialer Plans